Veal Cutlets with Avocado and Truffle Cream

If you are seeking an unbelievably delicious yet amazingly simple recipe for your upcoming occasion, veal cutlets with avocado and truffle cream is just what you have been looking for all along. In addition to being an outstanding recipe, this is one of the signature Canadian recipes that never fails to strike a chord. Combining the unique flavors of veal, truffles and avocado, it has taste in every glamorous bite.

While the recipe promises flavors never known before, the dish is aesthetically appealing as well. Simple and effective is what this recipe is. This is the kind of recipe that will leave your guests chanting wow as each of the tender bites melt in their mouth. What makes it a choice that will never go wrong is that veal cutlets are a safe bet. If you are unsure about what your guests might like to eat, know that the majority love veal cutlets. So, this recipe is something you don’t have to worry about going over the top with.

It is a veal cutlets recipe that you will absolutely fall in love with. Made for those who do not settle for anything but the best, this recipe can impress your guests well beyond your expectations. Having an eccentric blend of flavors, it is time you allow your guest to taste perfection like never before. The recipe of veal cutlets go as follows.


This recipe serves 4. The cooking time is 25 minutes and the preparation time is 15 minutes.


Ingredients Quantity
Butter 4 tablespoons
Boneless veal (cut into ¼ inch pieces) 4
Salt To taste
Cognac 2 tablespoons
Heavy cream 1 cup
Truffle oil 1 teaspoon
Avocado 1
Black Pepper (freshly ground) To taste


Take a large pan and put it over heat. Add olive oil and a tablespoon of butter together. Take the pieces of veal and season them thoroughly with pepper and salt. Add it to the pan and fry until each side turns a beautiful brown. The meat should be cooked through. It is recommended to fry each side for a minute. Transfer it to a plate and keep it aside.

Add cognac to the same pan. Ignite it using a match and cook for about 30 seconds. Now add truffle oil, the remaining butter and cream. Cook while stirring continuously and carefully remove any browned bits with a spoon. These bits will most likely stick to the bottom of the pan. Make sure you get rid of them. Cook until the sauce has condensed by one quarter. This will take around 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer veal to the pan and add any juices that have accumulated to it. Spoon sauces thoroughly over the meat so that the veal is heated through. Cook for just 30 seconds. Adjust seasoning as desired.

Divide the veal equally between four plates. Spoon the sauce generously over the meat. Arrange slices of avocado on top. Season with pepper to taste and serve.