Truffes: French word for "Truffles" . [t?yf] Noun, plural form.
Round fungus which grows underground, prized as a culinary delicacy, especially in France.

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Meet The Truffle
Meet the Truffle

Did you know?
As it is mentioned in other sections of, the most expensive and highest in demand truffles are the Périgord Black Truffle or Black Diamond —the species which is devoted to—, and the Piedmont White Winter Truffle. An overview on the characteristics of white truffles is included below. For a complete set of information on the Périgord Black visit: The Black Diamond.

black truffle oil is great; subtle + sophisticated AND ... so easy to use! a home run if you want to make an impression
Clyde Designs

invited to one of those classy Saturday night Beacon Hill's dinners; everyone would come with their usual flowers. We brought a 0.45 Oz jar of winter black truffles. Next day hostess texts me: "Thank you for the truffles, the most elegant dinner present I've ever been offered!" Ben L., Weston, MA 02493
Ben L., Weston, MA 02493

The best black truffles undoubtedly come from France, where winter black truffles are more commonly called the Diamond of Perigord. This exquisite mushroom tuber melanosporum grows in the Provence region of France from December to March. During this season the truffle markets are abundant of this delicious tuber, black with a dark marbled interior, characterized by an earthy and chocolaty flavor. The summer black truffle, tuber aestivum vitt or “truffe de la St. Jean

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