Truffes: French word for "Truffles" . [t?yf] Noun, plural form.
Round fungus which grows underground, prized as a culinary delicacy, especially in France.

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Meet The Truffle
Meet the Truffle

Did you know?
The most sought-after truffles are harvested during the winter, followed in popularity and price by those found in the summer

invited to one of those classy Saturday night Beacon Hill's dinners; everyone would come with their usual flowers. We brought a 0.45 Oz jar of winter black truffles. Next day hostess texts me: "Thank you for the truffles, the most elegant dinner present I've ever been offered!" Ben L., Weston, MA 02493
Ben L., Weston, MA 02493

I left France 15 years ago for the Silicon Valley.Let me state it clearly, it's not for culinary reasons that I moved ... Food is so important to us French people! I miss so much the taste of those black truffles we grow at home! Hmmmmmm, that truffle omelette with a good bottle of Château Gruaud-Larose (it's a Bordeaux "Grand Cru"). Felt like home!!! Thank you , thank you so much. Count on it, I'll be back soon!
Jacques, Palo Alto, CA

Like any other vegetable or mushroom, Truffles grow and can be harvested only during specific times of the year. Their short shelf-life when fresh demands fast consumption. Crops are highly affected by weather variations and a number of other natural factors; finally, because they are virtually impossible to cultivate on a large scale, they remain largely a hunting activity.

All this makes their availability hard to predict, contributing to the myth surrounding each truffle season, especially black winter truffles. This is a time when entire villages —and even entire regions— put their expectations to the test, recreating timeless rituals and traditions. They come together to celebrate and claim their share on a fiercely competitive market.

The most sought-after truffles are harvested during the winter, followed in popularity and price by those found in the summer. Several species exists and are either considered as winter or summer truffles, the most important are:

  • Périgord Black Truffle
    The Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is harvested between late November and early March (in the Northern hemisphere).
  • Italian White Truffle
    The White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum) can be found between August and January.
  • Burgundy or Summer Truffle
    The Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) is usually harvested between September and late December.
  • Winter Truffle
    The Winter Truffle (Tuber Brumale) is a lesser black truffle variety, harvested during the same period as the Périgord Black.

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