Truffes: French word for "Truffles" . [t?yf] Noun, plural form.
Round fungus which grows underground, prized as a culinary delicacy, especially in France.

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Meet The Truffle
Meet the Truffle

Did you know?
Truffles reproduce through their spores, contained in a little sack known as the ascus. The spores of the black truffle are spiny. A sure way to identify a true truffle from a fake one is by looking at the spores through a microscope.

invited to one of those classy Saturday night Beacon Hill's dinners; everyone would come with their usual flowers. We brought a 0.45 Oz jar of winter black truffles. Next day hostess texts me: "Thank you for the truffles, the most elegant dinner present I've ever been offered!" Ben L., Weston, MA 02493
Ben L., Weston, MA 02493

black truffle oil is great; subtle + sophisticated AND ... so easy to use! a home run if you want to make an impression
Clyde Designs

Like all mushrooms, truffles lack of chlorophyll and rely on symbiosis for survival. Biologically, they are considered as “heterotrophic

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