Truffes: French word for "Truffles" . [t?yf] Noun, plural form.
Round fungus which grows underground, prized as a culinary delicacy, especially in France.

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Black Diamonds,
A Prized Culinary Treasure

If you are a gourmet food connoisseur looking for high-end, sophisticated flavor, you have come to the right place. Our highly sought after winter black truffles, or black diamonds as we like to call them, are harvested at the peak of freshness and imported from only the finest truffle farms in France. Perfect as a gift or for adding flair to your signature dish, our truffles will impress even the finest chefs and food critics.

black truffle oil is great; subtle + sophisticated AND ... so easy to use! a home run if you want to make an impression
Clyde Designs

I left France 15 years ago for the Silicon Valley.Let me state it clearly, it's not for culinary reasons that I moved ... Food is so important to us French people! I miss so much the taste of those black truffles we grow at home! Hmmmmmm, that truffle omelette with a good bottle of Château Gruaud-Larose (it's a Bordeaux "Grand Cru"). Felt like home!!! Thank you , thank you so much. Count on it, I'll be back soon!
Jacques, Palo Alto, CA