Seared Sirloin of Beef, Celeriac and Pea Puree, Chanterelles and Truffle Oil

Have you ever tasted something that is a perfect mixture of luxurious ingredients, irresistible aroma and simply delicious taste? If not, you have no idea no idea what you are missing but if you want to experience a taste that literally has the potential to transcend you to heaven, this recipe is all you can ask for. chanterelle mushrooms in a combination with truffle oil render a steak that will inspire nothing but awe. are you ready to create a masterpiece? If yes, read on!


This recipe serves 2. The cooking time is 15 minutes and preparation time is also 15 minutes.


Sirloin steaks 2
Sea salt 1 pich
Black pepper (freshly ground) 1 pinch
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Chanterelle mushrooms( clean with the big ones cut in halves) 100 grams
Truffle oil / truffle shavings 2 tablespoons

Ingredients for pea puree and celeriac

Olive oil (light) 2 tablespoons
Butter 25 grams
Finely sliced onions 1 small
Celeriac 300 grams
Jersey cream 50 ml
White pepper (ground) ┬╝ teaspoon
Sea salt 1 pinch
Frozen peas 200 grams


The pea puree and celeriac will be prepared first. Take a large saucepan and add olive oil and butter to it. Once the butter melts, add onions to it and place it over medium flame. Continue to cook till the onions become tender. Add celeriac to the pan and cook it for four to five minutes while making sure that the mixture retains its color and does not turn brown. Pour 25 ml of the cream, a pinch of sea salt and white pepper. Mix all the ingredients together and cook for another three to four minutes until you can observe the celeriac getting tender.

In the meanwhile, take a frying pan. Take the steaks and season them generously with ground pepper and salt. Add a tablespoon of oil in the frying pan and add steaks to t. it is recommended that you cook each side for at least two to three minutes. However, this can vary depending upon the thickness of the steaks. Add peas to the mixture of celeriac kept aside.

Add more cream if you feel the need for it but only cook for two to three minutes. It is important to remember that by this point, the peas should be perfectly cooked whereas the celeriac should be soft to the tip of a knife. Drain water and coming back to the pan, add cream and butter. Now use a blender to achieve an even texture. Keep the steaks aside.

Add the rest of the olive oil in the pan and heat it. When it is smoking hot, add chanterelles mushrooms sprinkling pepper and salt on them. This mixture should be cooked for two to three minutes. For serving, each steak should be sliced such that five slices are made. The mash should be piled in the center. Place steak on top and then spoon the mushrooms on the side. Drizzle truffle oil for garnishing. Serve with salad on the sides.