Winter Black French Truffles – Pieces – 1st Boiling – 3.5 oz-Tin

Product Specification:

Servings: 8
Delivery: Usually ships within 1 business day
Brand: Pebeyre
Origin: France
Net Weight (g): 100 g
Net Weight (oz): 3.5 oz
Quality: Pieces 1st Boiling
Preparation: Whole Preserved
Packaging: Tin (1/4)
Storing unopened: 1 year, room temperature
Shelf-life opened: 1 week, refrigerated
Ingredients: Truffles, salt, truffle juice
Scientific Name: Tuber Melanosporum
SKU: 1018

Product Features

This product contains pieces of brushed black winter truffles, harvested in France during peak season. These 'Perigord' truffles are preserved after a 1st boiling in order to retain maximum flavor and aroma. They are preserved in the truffle juice produced during the boiling process. Each can contains approximately 75% truffles and 25% truffle juice. The truffle juice is delicious and can be used for cooking in recipes.


Pieces: Pieces of good quality whole truffles after the removal of parts which have been damaged by frost, dryness or during picking. 1st Boiling: Canned after the first boiling which retains maximum aroma and flavor and yields 75% truffles and 25% truffle juice.


Price: $282.00

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