Egg Pasta with Porcini and Truffle Sauce

Pasta is one of the biggest joys known to mankind. Regardless of whether or not you have a penchant for Italian cuisines, pasta with its varied shapes and distinct flavors is the ultimate choice for millions of epicureans across the globe. Pasta incorporates all the necessary ingredients for a perfectly healthy meal and this renders it not only as an irresistible indulgence but a health-friendly alternative as well.

While pasta is solely an Italian dish, it has lovers in every corner of the world that never seem to get enough of it. If you are willing to amuse your guests with the same old pasta cooked with a new recipe, egg pasta with porcini and truffle sauce is what you have been looking for. With a taste that seems to be delivered straight from the heaven by god himself, this pasta can pep up your guests’ dining experience well beyond expectations.


This recipe serves 4. The cooking time is 15 minutes and the preparation time is 30 minutes.


Flour 400 grams
Eggs 4
Semolina (used for dusting) 100 grams

For The Sauce

Garlic cloves 1
Parsley (small bunches) 1
Olive oil (extra virgin) 100 ml
Porcini mushroom 225 grams
White wine 300 ml
Quartered cherry tomatoes 6
Finely sliced Black truffles 1
Grated parmesan For garnishing


For making the pasta, put flour on a flat work surface and make a well in the center. Break eggs in this well and start working the flour into eggs using your finger. Gently push the eggs into the flour and start kneading. Continue to knead it until the dough achieves elasticity and is smooth. Once that happens, use a rolling pin to roll out pasta. Dust the pasta and the surface of the board generously with wheat flour as this helps the pasta to achieve the desired texture. When you are done rolling out the pasta, it should be a millimeter thick. Use the wheat flour to dust pasta sheet and then fold this sheet in half. Fold this sheet two more times and now cut the pasta finely. Use wheat flour frequently to make sure that the strips do not stick together and allow these strips to rest for some time. Now take a large pan filled with water and bring it to a boil.

For The Sauce

Chop parsley and garlic together roughly. Take a pan and use olive oil to coat its bottom. Fry parsley and garlic over medium heat making sure that they do not turn brown. Slice the stalks of mushrooms finely and add them to the pan. Cook for a few minutes and then add white wine. Sliced mushroom caps are then added to the pan. Next add tomatoes and use salt to season it. If you feel that the sauce is too thick, use pasta water to dilute it.

The water must have been boiled in the meanwhile. Cook pasta in it for about two minutes. Drain water from the pasta and add sauce to it. Mix well so that the pasta is well coated with the sauce. Add truffles now but keep a little of it aside for garnishing. Serve after drizzling olive oil on it along with the remaining truffle shavings and parmesan cheese.