Creamy Curry Cheese and Macaroni with Langostino Tails and Black Truffle Oil

If you are a fan of cheese, macaroni and black truffles, this recipe will come to you as the most pleasant surprise ever. Being an amazingly savory dish, it boasts of a long list of raving reviews that are a testimony to the delectable flavors this recipe has to offer. If you have never come across a recipe where taste and beauty meets, this is going to be a delightful experience for you. Not only does it bring pleasure to a platter, it promises to help ravish your appetite like never before. Let’s get started.


This recipe serves 4. The cooking time is 30 minutes.


Langostino tails 12 ounces
Fontina cheese 4 ounces
Cheddar cheese 4 ounces
Heavy cream 1 packet
Butter 1 tablespoons
White onion (half diced, half sliced) 1
Flour As needed
Nutmeg As needed
Curry powder (chili) 2 tablespoons
Fusili pasta (uncooked) 2 cups
Bread crumbs ½ cup
Fresh parmesan cheese (grated) As needed
Fresh Argula As needed
Extra virgin olive oil (excellent quality) 2 tablespoons
White vinegar (high quality) To taste
Sea salt To taste
Black pepper (cracked) To taste
Black truffle oil For garnishing


Remove the pink and plump Langostino tails from their package and defrost them. Rinse them and drain the water to make sure that all the liquids have been properly disposed off from the meat.

Take a large pan and put it over medium flame. Add butter and melt it over the heat until it turns brown. Add about half cup of breadcrumbs to the butter in the pan. Cook all the crumbs are evenly roasted and remove them from the flame. Transfer them to a parchment paper and add salt and butter to it.

Shred about 4 ounces of Fontina cheese on each plate. Now for the pasta, mix together salt, pepper, nutmeg and curry powder together as they will serve as the core ingredients for the sauce. Remember, the best pasta is one that is firm, has a crispy crust and an irresistible cheesy sauce to it. Try to keep the number of vegetables you use for the pasta to a minimum as it can simplify things for you to a great extent. However, it is important that you use shallots, garlic and half of the minced onion.

Before adding minced onion to the mixture, whisk it in melted butter. Now add a tablespoon of flour to this butter and mix well to create a roux. Now add cream and allow the mixture to simmer so that it thickens. While you are preparing this sauce, boil your pasta on the other burner. Add cheese to the sauce and stir occasionally to achieve an even texture.

Add the slightly undercooked pasta to the sauce and mix well. Now add the Langostino tails and simmer until everything is thoroughly heated. Spoon out the mixture into buttered ramekins and sprinkle breadcrumbs generously on top of it. Heat the oven to 350 degrees and bake ramekins for 15 to 20 minutes.

For making croutons, take a cookie sheet with parchment paper on and mound fresh parmesan cheese. The cheese croutons with arugula, olive oil, white vinegar and onion will be served on the side with the baked ramekins. Serve after adding a few drops of black truffle oil on the ramekins for garnishing.