Composition Sous Vide of Australian Beef D-Rump with Passion Fruit, Hollandaise, Sauté Mushroom and Truffle Migas, Braised Beef Casablanca With Capelli d’Angelo

Beef is the most delicious of all meats. Beef is tender and flavorful and when coupled with other ingredients render a dish that promises to ravish everyone’s appetite. If you are planning to serve beef to your guests on the upcoming dinner and looking for a recipe that is not only delectable but aesthetically appealing as well, you have come to just the right place. Bringing out the authentic flavors of the meat, this recipe is simple and easy to make yet exceptionally delicious.

Beef is one of the most popular types of meats in the world. The virtually countless beef based recipes you can come across are a testimony to its popularity. When cooked with care, it is the sole ingredient that can transform a casual dinner into a fine one. If you are ready to claim your finesse as a chef, nothing can prove to be a better pick than this chef d’oeuvre. So, let’s get started as it is time you bring some magic right to your dining table.


This recipe serves 10. The cooking time is 120 minutes and the preparation time is 60 minutes.


For The Seared Beef

Australian beef 900 grams
Olive oil 200 ml
Butter 150 ml
Thyme 20 grams
Sundried tomato jus 200 ml
Foir gras 500 grams
Green beans 200 gram
Corn 200 grams
Shallots 100 grams
Mashed potatoes 500 grams

For Braised Beef

Australian beef 1 kilogram
Carrots 200 grams
Leeks 100 grams
Inions 100 grams
Beef stock 8 liters
Thyme 20 grams
Salt To taste
Pepper To taste

For Garnishing

Popcorn shoot 100 grams
Tomato oil 100 milligrams
Truffle oil Two tablespoons


For Making Sous Vide Of Beef D-Rump

Use salt and thyme to marinate beef rump. Put it on a flame and sear for a few minutes on medium heat. Use thyme, rosemary and garlic oil to marinate it again for some time. Heat the oven at 55 degrees centigrade and cook the beef for 1 hour.

For Making Passion Fruit Hollandaise

In order to make the passion fruit, mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Keep it warm.

For Sauté Mushroom

Sauté the mushroom with the dressing and make sure that the seasoning coats the assorted mushroom generously.

For The Truffle Migas

Add malt powder in truffle oil and mix them well until a crumble type texture is achieved. Toss the mixture in the pan until it’s dry and sprinkle crutomat on it.

For Carrot Mousseline

Take cream in a pan and add potatoes and carrots to it. Bring the mixture to a boil or till when the veggies are soft and using a blender, make puree. Add seasoning to taste.

Capelli d’Angelo with Pesto

Add pesto and seasoning to the angel hair pasta.

Vegetable Stew

Take vegetables in a pan and add herbs to it. Sauté them and then add pesto.

Braised Beef

Marinate the beef with seasoning and herbs and cook for a few minutes. Add dried herbs and tomato paste until it starts giving off a pleasant smell. Add beef stock and glace powder and braise it slowly until the meat is soft. Keep the braised beef in gravy for serving later on.

To Serve

For serving, take a plate and spoon out carrot Mousseline on a side. Put Sous vide on top of it along with the sautéed mushroom. Pour the pump hollandaise sauce on the side after garnishing it with Migas, on the other side, use angel hair and put vegetable stew on it. In the end, put the braised beef on top.