Black Truffles with Pasta

Fresh black truffles are a little expensive but it does not mean that only the rich deserve to eat the chef d’oeuvres using it as a basic ingredient. In order to enjoy a dish that effortlessly blends the richness that truffles have to offer with exotic flavors, truffles have been used in the preparation of sauce for the pasta in this dish and thinly shaved black truffles have served the purpose of garnishing.

It is strongly recommended that you use fresh pasta for the recipe as it not only helps you to secure a supple and soft texture but will also absorb all the sauce readily. Fresh truffles come from the cold months of December till February and can be easily purchased from grocery stores. For this particular recipe, we suggest that you get the ones that come packed in oil. They have a softer texture and are less aromatic.


The total time it takes to prepare this dish is 30 minutes and the preparation time is 15 minutes. The recipe makes 4 servings when served as a main course and 6 servings when served as a starter.
Kosher salt To taste
Fresh black truffles 2 oz
Olive oil (extra-virgin) 2 tablespoons
Butter (ulsalted) 2 tablespoons
Anchovy fillets (minced and dry) 5
Red pepper flakes ¼ teaspoon
Black pepper (freshly ground) ¼ teaspoon
Tagliatelle or fettuccine pasta 1 pound
Pecorino or parmesan cheese 2 oz


Take a large pot of water and salt it. Heat it and bring it to a boil. Now take the truffles and after mincing half of them, keep the rest aside. Take a large frying pan and add oil and butter to it. Heat until the butter starts to foam. Now add anchovies, red pepper flakes, minced truffles, black pepper and garlic. After adding all these ingredients, cook them while stirring the mixture continuously. After a minute or so, you will be able to smell a pleasant fragrance. This is an indication that it is now time to remove the pan from heat. Keep it aside. Boil water in a large pan and add pasta to it. Cook till the pasta softens which will take about 2 minutes. Now transfer the pasta to a frying pan with the sauce using tongs. Add a cup of the pasta water to the sauce until the sauce starts thickening and the pasta is fully coated with it. Keep on adding more pasta water with tablespoon until the desired consistency of the sauce is reached. Take off the pan from the heat. Add cheese to the pan and toss the pasta around until it is well coated. Now taste the pasta and season it with black pepper and salt as per your taste. For serving, divide the pasta in about 4 to 6 serving bowls and garnish with the thinly sliced or shaved remaining truffles over the pasta. Serve immediately.

So, start cooking! It is time you turn your dining room an epicurean’s paradise.