Ballotine of Foie Gras with Fresh Black Truffle and Gewürztraminer Jelly

Are you looking for a sensual starter to amaze your guests? If yes, you have come to just the right place. Helping you make the best out of your cooking skills, it is time to jazz up your guests’ eating experience and transforming them into true foodies. This Ballotine guarantees to be a hit with guests and served with a pleasantly scrumptious wine jelly, it is the perfect preamble to an unforgettably generous feast.


This recipe serves 6. The cooking time is 20 minutes and preparation time is 40 minutes.
Foie gras 500 grams
Black pepper To taste
Black truffles 30 grams
Salad leaves 5-6
Hazelnut oil For dressing

Ingredients For The Gewürztraminer Jelly

Gelatin 1 leaf
Gewurztraminer wine 300 ml
Salt To taste


Take foie gras out of refrigerator and allow it to get a bit warm at room temperature. You have to make sure that the foie gras get a little pliable. Once that happens, take a sharp knife. Now de-nerve the foie gras with it. The goal is to scrap away all the major veins that are visible. Open foie gras and use pepper (freshly ground) and salt to season it. Take a vegetable peel and slice the black truffle finely along the insides of foie gras. Spread a large piece of cling film over your work surface and place the foie gras on top of it. Here it is important to keep in mind that the piece puff cling film will be approximately 46 centimeters wide. Now carefully roll the cling film all over the foie gras such that the foie gras is wrapped completely and forms the shape of a sausage. Carefully squeezing the ends of the cling film, make sure the foie grass is rolled over three times very tightly. The edges of the cling film should be folded very firmly over the foie gras Ballotine or sausage.

Use a new piece of cling film and go through the process once again, first wrapping it with film, then with foil and make sure that each time the cling film and foil are 46 centimeters wide. When you will finish the parcel, it will look more like a Christmas cracker with none of the layers of cling film visible.

Now take a large pan and fill it with water. Using a cooking thermometer, heat water until the thermometer registers 80⁰C. Add the prepared Ballotine of foie gras to hot water and cook it for around twelve minutes while making sure that the temperature stays 80⁰C. Now remove foie gras from the pan and plunge it into cold water. Once the Ballotine cools down, put it in the refrigerator allowing it to set. Make Ballotine two to three days prior to serving as it takes the truffles time to permeate through foie gras.

In order to make the jelly, immerse the gelatin in cold water with level enough to cover the gelatin completely. Once the gelatin is tender, pour off the excess water and transfer it to a pan. Add 150 ml of gewürztraminer mine to gelatin. Now cook it gently over low hear stirring continuously till the gelatin has completely dissolved. Add salt to taste after pouring the rest of the wine. Allow the mixture to cool and pour it in glasses. Let them cool.

For serving, slice six pieces of Ballotine of 1 centimeter thickness each. Now remove the cling film ad foil.