Tajarin Pasta with Truffle Butter

When you have white truffles, it is time you enjoy them with the amazing Tajarin. In case fresh truffles are not available, the ones that come packed in jars are going to work wonders too. All in all, this recipe of Tajarin pasta with truffle butter is simply ethereal and luxurious.


This recipe serves 4. The cooking time is 30 minutes.


For Pasta

All purpose flour 2 cups
Egg yolks (large) 2
Olive oil (extra virgin) 2 tablespoons
Water 3 tablespoons

For Pasta Cooking and Dressing

Sea salt (coarse) 1 tablespoon
Butter ½ pound
Butter of white truffles (brushed clean) 1 ounce
Grana padano (freshly grated) 1 cup


In order to make the Tajarin dough, take a food processor and add two cups of flour to it. Process the flour for some seconds to aerate the flour. Now take a measuring cup and add olive oil, water and egg yolks to it. Whisk them. Start the food processor and add the liquids a little at a time. Process for about 40 seconds until a dough like texture is achieved. Check the dough, if it is too wet or too dry, you can add more flour or ice water in small amounts respectively.

Now place the dough on a flat work surface. Knead it for a minute with your hands until it is smooth and stretchy. Take a disk and press the dough. Use a plastic wrap to wrap the dough and allow it to rest at room temperature.

It is now time to cut the dough into pieces. This will make four pieces. Flour the dough lightly and use a pasta machine to produce sheets that are 5 inches in width and 20 inches in length. Cut the strips in rectangles, each of them about 7 inches long. Dust them generously with flour and keep aside on a floured tray.